Dick Marple

It’s a time-honored tradition for many politicians to frustrate their constituents by remaining silent on the important issues of the day. Rest assured, this has never been a problem for you, the constituents of Representative Dick Marple. If there’s one thing you should know about A. Richard “Dick” Marple, it’s that he won’t just tell you what he thinks, he’ll scream it.

Dick’s willingness to speak up and yell out has proven a boon to New Hampshire as he has brought an unflinching advocacy of the Sovereign Citizen Movement to the House of Representatives. The FBI has praised this fringe movement as a “nuisance” and, in some cases, a “ domestic terrorist movement .” Over the years, Dick has reliably sponsored bills in support of New Hampshire’s “sovereign citizens,” who believe themselves immune from all laws.

Dick also enjoys pushing policies that don’t shove the government down our throats. If you think the government should do something about the opioid crisis or the heroin epidemic, Dick’s got news for you: “The so called 'War on Drugs' is a failure! As its history informs us—don't waste more money!” Some think that seat belts in cars or helmets on motorcyclists promote safe road practices. Not Dick. Dick knows that our freedom is threatened every time a seat belt is buckled or a helmet is strapped on .

Dick’s heroic efforts to embrace societal anarchy have extended to his personal life as well. Never afraid to put his money where his loud mouth is, Dick made a firm decision to stop paying his taxes. His shrewd choice has left the government requesting that he pay them the nearly $20,000 that he “owes.” Dick’s actions prove that there is no amount of money that will prevent him from standing up for your rights, which is why he courageously lost ownership of his home to the town of Hooksett.

Taxes aren’t the only government-mandated intrusions that Dick Marple has disregarded. On the day he was re-elected in 2016, he also had the distinct honor of being arrested for failing to pay a court fine in 2013 and subsequently driving with a suspended license in 2014. Dick proudly and loudly stood his ground at his hearing in 2017. He offered a full-throated, blaring self-defense of his actions.

How could he be wrong if “so-called courts” are merely corporations conspiring to get money out of sovereign citizens? Using his signature deafening voice, Dick interrupted the judge to launch several broadsides against the judge for not giving him due process and for acting out of her jurisdiction. But who needs female judges anyway ?

The only thing that might be worse than a female judge would probably be a female president, as Dick can certainly attest. In 2008, Dick wrote a blistering op-ed in the Concord Monitorentitled Legally, A Woman Can’t Be Elected President Who knew?!

Thank goodness someone has the courage to proclaim that the presidential office is “male-gendered” and that feminists should keep their grubby paws off.

For years, Dick has used his voice to shed light on the issues that are most important to New Hampshirites, conspiracy theorists and even some white supremacists. He will continue to shout in courts, from rooftops, and from houses that the town now owns until someone, anyone, tells him to be quiet.

On November 6th, you can vote to do just that.